Welcome new Whitsons

We had babies! Well, not me personally...obviously. My cousin Drew and his wifey, Erica, had twins yesterday. Alayna Joy Whitson (4 lbs and 13 oz) and Tirzah Lorraine Whitson (4 lbs and 14 oz). My first reaction was "Tirzah!?! What kind of name is that?" I've always loved the name Alayna (however had never thought to spell it that way), but Tirzah seems so out-there. It means "pleasant." Knowing the meaning of names always makes me like them or dislike them more. Name meanings are so important. In the Old Testament, God would often rename people with names that were heavy in meaning. Abram for example means "high father," but God decided to up and choose Abram to be a leader and prophet and make is descendants more numerous than the stars so he renamed him Abraham which means "Father of Nations." So cool! I can just imagine God cringing at Juliet when she declared, "What's in a name?" God was probably like, "YOUR IDENTITY!" God has so many different names, and in the Bible his names are always in context with what he's doing. I'm not saying that all of our identity should be wrapped up in our name, because our identity should be in Christ Jesus, but names were a powerfully permanent way for God to identify his people with himself. Names are important. Lucky for Tirzah, I love the idea that it means "pleasant" and that Tirzah is just a beautiful sounding name. Alayna and Tirzah...beautiful names for girls that are destined to be beautiful!

Congratulations Drew and Erica!

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