Yuck is the only word that I can think of right now. If you could see outside my window at this very second you would understand. Yuck. I hate that it is snowing. When I woke up this morning and looked out the window it wasn't snowing, so I thought to myself "Ha! Sven was wrong, it is not as crappy as he lead on." But now I suppose the little man was right all along. Yuck.

I got an internship! I will be doing PR/marketing for a small company called Cooks of Crocus Hill. They are a cooking store that holds cooking classes on Grand Avenue and 50th & France. It's unpaid, but it's great experience. I'm pretty stoked.

Also, I just booked another benefit auction for the end of May. More details to follow. I love auctioneering!

It's weird to be back at a Bethel. I can't quite describe why, but it just is.

I miss Jenna Cordova. She comes back from Uganda in a month!!!

It's still snowing...Yuck.



I spent 35+ hours on a greyhound this week.

Cedarville was...well, I can't decide what word I want to use to describe it. I hate when that happens. Anyway, it was good to see Tory, especially since I've only seen her a good handful of times since I left the ville. I got to see all my wonderful girls for the first time since I left, and that was wonderful. It feels like everyone is either engaged or married. Barf. I'm happy for them. The whole experience was just weird.

I'm still catching up on sleep...



I just got pulled over. Literally like 30 minutes ago. I didn't cry though, which you must know is an accomplishment.

Here's the thing...
I generally try to stay to the speed limit, unless of course I get distracted. This happens quite often. Usually when I'm bid-calling or singing. Tonight, I was praying.

What cop is going to believe that though,
"I'm sorry officer, but I was so caught up in prayer that I just lost track of my speed." (wink).
So I skipped that act and just said,
"Yes, I know why you pulled me over. I was speeding...quite a bit." It was 73 in a 55. Oops.

Anyway, the young officer had mercy on me and let me off with a warning and a citation that said I didn't have a valid proof of insurance on me, but I can call the number on the back of the sheet in a week and everything will be stricken from my record.

Praise the Lord!



Yesterday was one of those days.

Let me remind you that I was still holding on selfishly to the tail end of my laryngitis.

I went to work. No big deal, because its work and I like it there.

However after work I went to Nordstroms to pick up a pair of jeans for my roommate that she was getting hemmed. When I gave the lady at Nordstroms her name, she could not find any trace of "Emily Rice"...but of course. I gave her other various names that are somehow connected to Emily, but none of them were attached to a pair of Sevens. They lost her jeans, but I think we'll be able to figure it out. The sales lady was super helpful throughout the whole process.

Then I walked around the mall and attempted to shop, but all of the lines were too long so I left.

I went out to my car and tried to turn the key and.....nothing. I did it again....nothing.....nothing....nothing....damn. So I called my dad who told me it was fine and that I should call AAA. So I called AAA and gave them my member number and the lady on the phone said, "Oh, well it looks like your membership was cancelled last June." Then I said, "Well, on my card it says it expires in June of 2008, and I guess I just don't understand how that can be." (please note that it was not in a sweet tone of voice, but rather in a tone that expressed "what the hell"). She knew just how to handle this situation, "Well, ma'am, we send out the cards with the bill to renew the membership. It looks like no one ever sent in your renewal payment." So I called my dad and asked him why he didn't renew my membership, but he must have just forgotten. Luckily a girl from my work had jumper cables. Really one of those things that I should have. It's not like I don't have room for them in my car...I drive a station wagon. We cut off a few angry shoppers in the parking lot to get a spot near my car, and found a kind stranger to give us a tutorial on jumping cars: Reviving Dead Batteries 101. It worked so I drove home, however it is still dead.

Then I came home and did absolutely no homework, on the evening that I had set aside solely for homework. It gets worse. I got bored and tried to give myself bangs. We all know that that is ALWAYS a bad idea. So now I have bad bangs and because I am close to broke (and the Brothel is closed...jk) I have to decide between a new car battery or a hair cut. I need both desperately. What to do...



Just kidding. This is a post about prostitution, and I shouldn't kid about it.

So this past week they busted a brothel directly across the street from my high school, which, consequently, happened to be down the street from the meth house that was busted about a year ago. You've got to love the suburbs. Apparently, they were only charged $40 for 15 minutes of "peasure." Who knows how much the girls actually got for that. To read more about this specific incident to here.

This breaks my heart.

While we are on the issue:
Read SOLD by Patricia McCormick. It's a beautiful piece of young adult literature that will open your eyes to the reality of sex trafficking around the world. As you read, keep in mind that it is also very prevalent right here in the USA, even as close as the Mall of America. It's a quick read. It will seriously take you a rainy afternoon to read.



I think I have laryngitis...again.

My mom just reminded me that Purim is coming up next week. I know I'm not Jewish, but for some reason Jewish traditions fascinate me. I will thank Mrs. Allison, my elementary school music teacher, for that. From what I understand, Purim is a holiday to remember Esther. I love Jewish holidays because they seem to be rich in tradition and meaning. Maybe I'll look up how to celebrate it, and post it later this week. This year Purim Eve is on Thursday March 20th, and Purim is on Friday March 21! Which also happens to be Good Friday, if I am not mistaken. It should be eventful, eh!?


I'll fly away, O glory.

I drove past the airport today on my way to work. There was this aching pain inside my gut trying to convince me to book a flight to who knows where. I don't mean for like this summer or after graduation. It was as if the adventurous part of me was doing all it could to communicate with the sensible part of me by saying, "They probably don't need you at work today. You're almost at the airport, plus you have your tooth brush and tooth paste with you from staying in Hudson last night. Just do it." Then I sat there driving and trying to work it out in my head. I have to work today, but then again, I could call in sick. I have a $1,900 limit on my visa, and I bet I could do a weekend of travel for that much. I don't mind having to pay it off in little bits for the next couple of months. The only thing is that I have the We Can Ride Auction tomorrow night, and they have been so gracious to let me come and observe this year, and it would be unprofessional to skip. And with that, I continued past the airport exits, and headed to work. Here I am now, just dying to fly away.


Cute as a button

I miss-buttoned my orange jacket again today.

It's kind of funny to look back on my posts from two years ago. Wow, I have certainly changed, but not completely. I'm thinking about digging up my old xanga and seeing what I have on there from high school.


It's Greek to me

How do you say Gyro?
I'm not sure if the pronunciation matters, but I had one for dinner tonight. It was scrumptious.

On another note:
I have a blister on my thumb from playing my Autoharp.
I have been trying to master the "jazzy" strums. I think my rhythm is off.
For anyone who knows me, it is not a surprise.
I don't quite get how I can call out numbers in a rhythmic sort of way (you know, like auctioneering),
but for some reason when it comes to singing and doing anything rhythmic at the same time, I am completely challenged.
There are more important things I suppose.

I have to come up with something "cool" to do with the Calli and Cooper (kids I watched this summer) tomorrow when they come to Bethel. Sometimes I fear that they don't think I'm cool, so I really want to impress them.


Comfort Food

Chocolate milk can soothe the soul in a way that nothing else can.

Today I found myself stressing about too many things that don't matter. After a flash flood of tears, I settled down with my snack: apple dippers and smooth, rich and creamy chocolate milk. It was like a soft rub on the back. Yes, I believe that will do.

NOTE: I picked up blogging again today.