Just kidding. This is a post about prostitution, and I shouldn't kid about it.

So this past week they busted a brothel directly across the street from my high school, which, consequently, happened to be down the street from the meth house that was busted about a year ago. You've got to love the suburbs. Apparently, they were only charged $40 for 15 minutes of "peasure." Who knows how much the girls actually got for that. To read more about this specific incident to here.

This breaks my heart.

While we are on the issue:
Read SOLD by Patricia McCormick. It's a beautiful piece of young adult literature that will open your eyes to the reality of sex trafficking around the world. As you read, keep in mind that it is also very prevalent right here in the USA, even as close as the Mall of America. It's a quick read. It will seriously take you a rainy afternoon to read.

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