Oh Snap.

I am in the midst of moving into my apartment at Bethel. It's big, clean, on campus, and smells just a touch...nothing that an air wick won't fix. Stephanie's brothers, dad and grandma came in from Chicago to help her move in. Families are always funny. They are going to the state fair today, however my ovaries are hindering me from going today. Lame. So I am going to stay and finish unpacking. There is no shame in that.

I have unpacked some of my books that I want to read this semester in my down time (if I ever have any). Speaking of books, I went and bought books for one class: $85. I charged it to my student account. I figure I'll pay it off later in loans. Eh. I am holding off on buying books for my other classes though. I have a feeling I will be able to borrow them from people. If all else fails, I will flirt with the sophomore boys and set up a study date...and by study date I clearly mean I will walk over to their dorm to pick up their book.

I bought new jeans the other day. I have come to realize that I buy heels a lot. However, I have a couple pairs of 4-inch heels that are too casual to wear with anything other than jeans and, since I hem all of my jeans, I don't have any that are long enough for 4-inch heels. So I found these jeans at H&M, but the only pair they had in my size were missing a snap on one of the back pockets. No biggie, they gave me a discount so I got them for $17. Rock on. So I went to the fabric store today to pick up new snaps designed for jeans and overalls. They're not super cute, but they'll do. As I began my crafty adventure, Stephanie's grandma, who is short and has a thick German accent, stopped me and took over the task. She's a little intense. She showed me how to take the other part of the old snap off the jeans, but wouldn't let me finish it. She wanted to do it, until she decided she couldn't finish it. At that point she handed the jeans off to Elliot, Steph's boyfriend, because he is stronger. It was a snap! Then she gave me very specific directions to sew the hole up very small before I inserted the new snap. She also told me I was not allowed to try to remove the snap from the other pocket because I would break it. Please remember this was all in a German accent. I wanted my snaps to match, so after she left, I did the other side. (Evil laugh). They look good.

Grandma's are wonderful. I will miss mine....and Stephanie's.

Well, off to unpack!


My achy brakey...neck, back, head...body

I think I'm getting old. Everything aches. I really just need to get fit.

The new school year is starting on Tuesday. I like school because it adds another "beginning." You know, "beginnings" like new years, birthdays, Mondays, and back to school. This will be a perfect time for me to get fit (which exactly what I said last Sunday night about Monday morning, but eh). Really I'm serious about this though, because I just feel icky. I've got the eating healthy down, but the consistency with exercise tends to kill me. Wish me luck.

I am almost completely packed for school. I'm moving in Tomorrow night (Friday). I am very excited because I miss living with someone my own age. Stephanie is great. Not only is she fun and drama-free, but we maintain equal levels of cleanliness. This is something I look for in a roommate, and I will eventually look for in a mate. I have had almost 20 different roommates...hang on let me count...okay I apologize, 18 roommates in the past three years. I have found that the people who work best are people who are drama-free and are as clean as me. I'm not looking for a neat-freak, because I am not a neat-freak myself. I keep things orderly and pleasing to the eye, but I am okay with taking my pants off in the middle of the room and leaving them there for two days. I'm not looking for perfection, just someone who is a the same level of cleanliness as me. Stephanie has achieved this. She washes her dishes immediately after she uses them. She apologizes if her stuff is messy (which it doesn't bother me that it's messy, because I realize she is super busy, but I appreciate that she is concerned about how I feel). She keeps organized messes (say she has 15 book about Frued on her desk, they placed in a structured pile, maybe two so they don't fall over). She can't work in a mess, so oftentimes before she has to write a huge paper or column she will clean up her stuff. I do the same. Plus she keeps decorations to a minimum: chic and tasteful. But besides all of this, I like her just because she is wonderful. So I am very much looking forward to moving in and getting settled.

I have this old chair with claw feel that I absolutely love and I wanted to bring to school. The problem is that there is a slit on the arm and hay was sticking out of it. Yes, hay. It was an older chair and was apparently stuffed with hay. This has been a problem that has bothered me for almost 10 years now so two days ago my inner Martha Stewart got to work. I sewed a patch on to it with a really eclectic piece of fabric and some embroidery floss with a thick needle. I wanted to use embroidery floss instead of thread because I wanted it to be kitcy and noticeable. Usually when I do crafts - especially in the evening - I get uber frusterated and give up or mess up. This project, on the other hand, worked! It's pretty cute, and I am pretty stoked. Yay!

I have more to say, but I'll save it because I am tired and I have to work in the morning.

Sweet Dreams, my chickens.

P.S. My mom got me a "where the wild things are" t-shirt like the one that the high bum with the mandolin had on when he played one of his original songs for Anna and me. I'm pretty happy about it.



As the summer draws to a close, I am finding myself just as busy as ever. This is the time every summer that I generally find myself getting antsy and ready to begin my routined life as a full-time student. Nothing is different about this summer, I am still anxious to be back in the classroom. Maybe not so much to be in class, but rather to see all my dear friends at Bethel. Most of all, I cannot wait to move in with Steph. I am very much looking forward to a very low-key year with only one roommate. I love having roommates, but I hate having one bathroom and five other girls to share it with. It will be nothing less than glorious to share a bathroom with only one other. Plus, she is fantastic.

I began to feel the urge to blog as I was sitting in front a heap of clothes on the floor at my parents' house. My goal for the evening is to sort through them, yet again, and really decide what I need with me at school and what I should donate to Salvation Army. I did this at the beginning of the summer to make it easy on me now, but now I have forgotten what is in the large rubbermaid container, and I feel as though it is necessary for me to filter through them again. I want to have as little as possible. And as this task struck me as daunting, I felt I must focus my attention elsewhere. Who knows if I will get to it tonight, or whether I will just do it when I'm unpacking it at school. Actually, now that I mention it, that I may be the best idea. I can just bring what I don't need home. Eh. I am now satisfied.



such great television

Oh I have a Gloria for ya'll. These will be more few and far between, as I head back to school and will not see her as often.

We were sitting at breakfast the other day, and all of a sudden she got really giddy (picture old people giddy, it's quite funny) and said, "There is going to be such good television these next couple weeks. First, with the Democratic convention and then...the Republican convention!" She said it as though the past couple weeks there has been nothing good on. Olympics? What's that? No, no, no...only the national conventions for this political junkie.

Also, might I add, I noticed yesterday morning that sitting on the table next to the dining room table was a map. Not just any map, but one with just the United States. Most of the middle states were colored red (with the exception of MN), and the states on the coast were blue. You guessed it. She has a map in her dining room showing with states are Democratic and which states are Republican.

Oh Gloria.

I am about to finish the book my aunt suggested I read. The Shack. It's a Christian Novel. It's not a great literary read, but it does put a different light on God. It paints a picture of the trinity in a way that one can comprehend. So in that sense it has been good. I have heard that it has been controversial, but I one goes into it, knowing it's only a novel and not Biblical truth, I think it's fine. Once I finish it I'm going to pick up The Bell Jar and hopefully finish it this time. Otherwise I need to read Twilight before the movie comes out. The fact that it is a vampire romance book, really makes me not want to read it, however my dear friends from Bare Escentuals say I must. I can't knock it until I read it.

Needless to say, I have too much to read to watch all the great television these next couple of weeks.


the queen bee

I feel as though many of my posts have been so similar this summer...full of busy-ness. You may call me the busy bee, or queen bee if you prefer. I think I would prefer queen bee. All of my thoughts are buzzing around my head too quickly to even be accounted for. Every time I even think of logging on to blog I get stuck because my mind doesn't have the slightest clue where to begin. it is as if it were clogged with honey (as I weakly extend this bee metaphor). Oy vay.

I sort of wonder when I will crash and burn. I feel as though it is inevitable, so therefore I must prepare myself for the event. I sleep, work, internship, sleep, work, socialize, crazily try to figure out my life after college, sleep, work, internship, feel bad for not staying in touch with friends, sleep, go, go, go dog go. Please note that the sleep in this sequence does not indicate napping. No, no, no. Napping does not fit in my schedule, however I did have one nap last week, and it was wonderful. The sleep merely indicates a break between two days. I enjoy being busy, but I wonder what I am not focusing on that deserves my attention. I need a break.

I will post as I begin to clear my head, and figure out the mess inside it.


The Old Rugged Cross

I live with my grandma. My grandpa, who is 90, is living in a nursing home nearby. My grandma visits him a couple of days each week. She says it's too much to visit him every day, which I can understand.

Mac, my grandpa, has Alzheimer's and he often can't remember things. Recently it has gotten much worse. The other day my grandma showed up at the nursing home and he was holding someone else's hand. My grandma, in a rather lighthearted manner, asked the nurse if she should be jealous. The nurse chuckled softly and replied, "He thinks she is you." My grandma played it off alright, but I ache for her. I can't imagine seeing my soul-mate holding someone else's hand. I want to cry just thinking about it.

Today my grandma had a hard day too. It started out that the people who owned her nail salon were evicted so she couldn't get her acrylics filled. That is better off anyway because they were not sanitary at all. However, then she went to the nursing home to have lunch with grandpa Mac. She now has to feed him when she's there. It is all very sad for her to see. I'm not sure what he does the days that she doesn't visit. Does he just not eat? I don't know. Having Alzheimer's, he often repeats things every couple minutes. Today's phrases were more somber than others. He cried as he would say things like, "You may not see me again," or, "I will not be here long." My grandma would reply, "Mac, we don't know that for sure, but if that's so, I'll see you in heaven." Then he would smile.

Please pray for them. Pray that Gloria (my grandma) will be given the strength and comfort she needs to survive, and pray that the Lord will take Mac home. The Old Rugged Cross is Mac's favorite song.



I truly wish I had all of the right answers. About God that is. Here's the deal. I know Him, I believe in Him, and it's not just because I grew up believing in Him. But how can I explain that to someone? Yesterday someone who believes in God, but is still trying to figure it all out picked my brain. It all was a blur and I do not remember much of what he said or how I responded, but I was ashamed much of the conversation.

Him: How would you explain to someone that your God exists?
Me: Eh?
Him: Ok, what makes you think your God exists?
Me: Well, it is evident to me that evil exists, and I have witnessed God counter act it...
(Okay, for the record this was a terrible answer, and he called me on it...embarrassing. Being put on the spot stinks)

This evening went on with questions like this. Questions that tested my faith, as he tried to strengthen his. My answers became better throughout the evening (credit for this can only go to God, because these debates are not in my skill-set), especially as I began to see what the root of the problem was for him: Christians (or the ones he knows) go to church on Sunday, but other than that their lives don't seem different from non-Christians, yet they are quick to judge. GRRR! That makes me so mad.

I explained that Christians SHOULD love the Lord their God with all they have, and second to love others as they love themselves. Unfortunately, just because they are Christians doesn't mean they automatically do that. I apologized for those who have misrepresented Christ, and for me misrepresenting Christ DAILY! I'm giving him a copy of Letters to a Skeptic by Greg Boyd...He tends to have a way with some of these answers.

Please pray that this man will see God the way He ought to be seen. Pray that he will see Christians that act the way Christians ought to act...like Christ. Pray that he will see the appeal in Christ as he observes Christ lived out in others' lives. Just pray. Pray that we will all be bold in our faith to preach the word, because it is the TRUTH and because those who don't know Him need to.



Wow, just as I began to type I had a huge sneeze. Gross.

I am tired, but I have a lot on my mind.

1) Just read an article on Andy Wiersma. Read it. How do you want to be remembered? I would love to get to my dying day and be remembered as the girl who stayed late to bring a disabled person home. Just a specific example of something he did, but I am too selfish to do. How can I display Christ day in and day out? Deep.

2) I am convinced China is cheating. The little gymnastics girls are totally not 16. I hope their gold medal is taken away (assuming someone can prove that I am right)!

3) I heard someone on Fox News quote the National Inquirer as a source today. I laughed out loud. It's good to know they have credible information.

4) I went to Lake Harriet to read my book/listen to music. It rained, but I stayed to watch the rain pour down. It was all worth it for the rainbow.

5) God is good.

Good night, love.


Oy Vey...

"Oy vey!" Those of you who know me well, know that this is a phrase that is well integrated into my vocabulary. I will now give you some was to work it into our every day lingo (courtesy of urban dictionary).

1) Yiddish: short for "Oy vey iz mir," Oh, woe is me!
Today's only Tuesday? I thought it was Friday! Oy vey!!!!"

2) Jewish exasperated exclamation
I have tons of homework tonight! Oy vey!

3) Yiddish for "oh woe", a Jewish expression often of frustration, but also of excitement.
Oy vey, it's Friday.

4) Another way to say, Oh boy or Oh my goodness.
Ov vey, you got caught speeding, again.

5) A form and phrase of astonishment for people of Jewish descent. Also refers to excitement of a half price off sale or any other type of discount on useless yet cheap items.Along with excitement to sales and bargains, the term "oy vey!" can also associate with a negative excitement such as an outrageously overpriced item.
Pat:Look guys there's sale at Urban Outfitters!!!
Matt:Pat! Shame on you! Those prices in their are definately outrageous! Oy vey!!!
Mike:Yeah Pat I'm with Matt on this one,oy vey indeed!

6) Schwytzer Düütsch (Swiss German) (heard it said in and around the German-speaking parts of Switzerland. Who knows, could be the Jewish influence...): oh no!
(Sitting with a group of friends in the local pub and someone you all don't really want to see walks in): Oy vey! Haascht gesehe' wer reinkommt, Gel?

Also, I must post one definition given for the word "Oy"

1) something to say to get attention when everyone is talking over you
Students: Why does mrs nash go oy whenever she calls us?

Mrs. Nash: OY!
Students: yes miss?

...okay, two definitions for "O"

2) "the funniest word ever" according to Lorelai on Gilmore Girls.
Oy, with the poodles already!



Nothing soothes me like water. People wouldn't write songs like "Peace like a River" if water weren't so...well, peaceful. Today I found myself driving around with the unquenchable need for peace. I wished I was up near Bethel where there are public lakes on every corner, but I was in Bloomington where there are lakes, but none that I can just go and sit at and pray, read, think, etc. I settled for praying in the car and then heading to my house to read in my wonderfully wooded back yard while listening to a variety of intstrumental folk. My soul is at peace.