Wow, just as I began to type I had a huge sneeze. Gross.

I am tired, but I have a lot on my mind.

1) Just read an article on Andy Wiersma. Read it. How do you want to be remembered? I would love to get to my dying day and be remembered as the girl who stayed late to bring a disabled person home. Just a specific example of something he did, but I am too selfish to do. How can I display Christ day in and day out? Deep.

2) I am convinced China is cheating. The little gymnastics girls are totally not 16. I hope their gold medal is taken away (assuming someone can prove that I am right)!

3) I heard someone on Fox News quote the National Inquirer as a source today. I laughed out loud. It's good to know they have credible information.

4) I went to Lake Harriet to read my book/listen to music. It rained, but I stayed to watch the rain pour down. It was all worth it for the rainbow.

5) God is good.

Good night, love.

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