the queen bee

I feel as though many of my posts have been so similar this summer...full of busy-ness. You may call me the busy bee, or queen bee if you prefer. I think I would prefer queen bee. All of my thoughts are buzzing around my head too quickly to even be accounted for. Every time I even think of logging on to blog I get stuck because my mind doesn't have the slightest clue where to begin. it is as if it were clogged with honey (as I weakly extend this bee metaphor). Oy vay.

I sort of wonder when I will crash and burn. I feel as though it is inevitable, so therefore I must prepare myself for the event. I sleep, work, internship, sleep, work, socialize, crazily try to figure out my life after college, sleep, work, internship, feel bad for not staying in touch with friends, sleep, go, go, go dog go. Please note that the sleep in this sequence does not indicate napping. No, no, no. Napping does not fit in my schedule, however I did have one nap last week, and it was wonderful. The sleep merely indicates a break between two days. I enjoy being busy, but I wonder what I am not focusing on that deserves my attention. I need a break.

I will post as I begin to clear my head, and figure out the mess inside it.

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