My achy brakey...neck, back, head...body

I think I'm getting old. Everything aches. I really just need to get fit.

The new school year is starting on Tuesday. I like school because it adds another "beginning." You know, "beginnings" like new years, birthdays, Mondays, and back to school. This will be a perfect time for me to get fit (which exactly what I said last Sunday night about Monday morning, but eh). Really I'm serious about this though, because I just feel icky. I've got the eating healthy down, but the consistency with exercise tends to kill me. Wish me luck.

I am almost completely packed for school. I'm moving in Tomorrow night (Friday). I am very excited because I miss living with someone my own age. Stephanie is great. Not only is she fun and drama-free, but we maintain equal levels of cleanliness. This is something I look for in a roommate, and I will eventually look for in a mate. I have had almost 20 different roommates...hang on let me count...okay I apologize, 18 roommates in the past three years. I have found that the people who work best are people who are drama-free and are as clean as me. I'm not looking for a neat-freak, because I am not a neat-freak myself. I keep things orderly and pleasing to the eye, but I am okay with taking my pants off in the middle of the room and leaving them there for two days. I'm not looking for perfection, just someone who is a the same level of cleanliness as me. Stephanie has achieved this. She washes her dishes immediately after she uses them. She apologizes if her stuff is messy (which it doesn't bother me that it's messy, because I realize she is super busy, but I appreciate that she is concerned about how I feel). She keeps organized messes (say she has 15 book about Frued on her desk, they placed in a structured pile, maybe two so they don't fall over). She can't work in a mess, so oftentimes before she has to write a huge paper or column she will clean up her stuff. I do the same. Plus she keeps decorations to a minimum: chic and tasteful. But besides all of this, I like her just because she is wonderful. So I am very much looking forward to moving in and getting settled.

I have this old chair with claw feel that I absolutely love and I wanted to bring to school. The problem is that there is a slit on the arm and hay was sticking out of it. Yes, hay. It was an older chair and was apparently stuffed with hay. This has been a problem that has bothered me for almost 10 years now so two days ago my inner Martha Stewart got to work. I sewed a patch on to it with a really eclectic piece of fabric and some embroidery floss with a thick needle. I wanted to use embroidery floss instead of thread because I wanted it to be kitcy and noticeable. Usually when I do crafts - especially in the evening - I get uber frusterated and give up or mess up. This project, on the other hand, worked! It's pretty cute, and I am pretty stoked. Yay!

I have more to say, but I'll save it because I am tired and I have to work in the morning.

Sweet Dreams, my chickens.

P.S. My mom got me a "where the wild things are" t-shirt like the one that the high bum with the mandolin had on when he played one of his original songs for Anna and me. I'm pretty happy about it.

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