I have finally been able to partake in one of my favorite events of the summer...music at the Lake Harriet Bandstand! It's held every night at 7:30, except Sundays where they have a show at 2 and another at 5 or something like that. Anyway, last summer I was able to go quite often, and this summer I had the intention to do the same. However, it has been a very busy summer and I had not had the chance until last Friday where I went with a couple girlfriends to watch musicians who are apart of the Minnesota Association of Songwriters. Very chill, and wonderful. Tonight I went with Laura and my brother to watch the Bend in the River Big Band play a wide variety of Swing and Jazz. That was also very enjoyable. My nights at Lake Harriet make me very happy and at peace.

Lake Harriet is an awesome place to people-watch because there are hippies of all ages uniting for free music. Tonight, we saw a very unfortunate event. There was an old man in a rocking lawn chair (this looked like a regular folding lawn chair except that the legs were connected by a curved bar allowing it to rock...so it's exactly what it sounds like). He was sitting next to two women, one of which was in a regular folding lawn chair and the other in a rocking lawn chair. This detail is of no consequence, however I was intrigued by the existence of a rocking lawn chair. The crime was that the poor old man's comb-over was no longer combed-over. His bald head was exposed, and attached to it was a large chunk of hair free-flowing in the summer wind. I felt bad laughing, but it was a crucial point at which to laugh.

Next time we're bringing wine...


Sie haben Uber Kommen

I couldn't think of a heading for this post. This is "you have arrived" in German. I only know, because when my mom and I were in Nashville, we tried using our GPS as it spoke auf Deutsch.

Sometimes I have too many thoughts to successfully put them in what would seem to be a coherent paragraph.

Oswald Chambers had something wonderful to say today, as usual. I won't give ya'll the whole thing, just blurbs.

...We have the idea that God is leading us toward a particular end or a desired goal, but He is not...His purpose is for me to depend on Him and on His power now. If I can stay calm, faithful, and unconfused while in the middle of the turmoil of life, to goal of the purpose of God is being accomplished in me...It is the process, not the outcome that is glorifying to God...

It sort of reminds me of what Spencer said yesterday about being meek (not mousey meets weak). We are submissive under God's power daily.

I like that.

Also, I really appreciate Neil Young. Although his out spoken liberal views drive me absolutely nuts, his music puts me at ease in a way no other music does. Especially his Harvest Moon Album



My friend, John, was trying to explain to another friend and myself that you change a lot in college, which I totally agree with. Then he said that his life has changed significantly since he turned 21 (which was like 3 months ago). At the time I was like, "No way, life doesn't change much, you're just saying that because now you don't need a fake to buy your beloved bud light." Bud light...gross, I know.

It has been about a week since John said that to me, and I have found myself meditating on the idea of life changing after my 21st birthday. And you know what?!? It has changed a lot in a 2 month period. I guess I always associated 21 with drinking obviously because it is the legal drinking age. However, the changes that have occurred have nothing to do with drinking. And now I realize that he was not referring to his ability to legally consume alcohol, but rather something much deeper.

I don't even know if I will be able to successfully explain this because so much of it has to do with the way I feel rather than physical changes. I'm going to try anyway:
~ I saw a huge spider and didn't scream...I just squished it.
~ People who are 25, 26, 27, 28 years old feel like peers to me rather than someone who was a high schooler when I was in Jr. High.
~ For one of the first times in my life, I am almost completely satisfied with my body the way it is even though it isn't at its most fit.
~ I feel suffocated at the idea of marriage straight after college, unlike many of my peers at Bethel.
~ I know that two glasses of wine is too much.
~ I'm getting along with all of my siblings.
~ I'm broke.
~ My parents seem to be right all the time...well, most of the time.
~ I second guess everything that I'm involved in from church, to school, to relationships, to my career, to whatever else exists.
~ I watch the news at breakfast (that is partially because I live with my grandma).

Gosh, the list could go on. I think I'm growing up. It's the weirdest sensation, and I am slightly frustrated that the English vocabulary lacks the words to describe it. If anyone can come up with the PERFECT word. I will promise to love you forever.

I apologize that this post doesn't do justice to what is really going on inside my head. If I could express it, I would, but I can't.

Goodnight, moon.



Well, I'm home again.

Nashville was wonderful.
The music was wonderful...Grand Ole Opry, The Ryman, and other various establishments along the Broadway strip.
The food was not too bad either. I think I had pulled pork more times this week than in my entire life. However, Ben (yes, I'm talking straight to you), I regret to say that I think my dad's BBQ is better than Jack's. Don't get me wrong, it was wonderful, but it had some tough competition.
The conference was AMAZING. I don't think many people understand how much I love being an auctioneer. It's not just some ole job, it's who I am. It was fantastic being constantly surrounded with people who understand my passion for auctioneering. It seems weird to people who aren't a part of the business, I understand, but ya'll must know I love it.

Bid it on now...



I slept with a mosquito last night. I have to say that it is by far the worst feeling in the whole wide world. Most of the little itchy bumps are on my feet. Grrr. For some reason that is the worst spot to have a mosquito bite, maybe it's because you have to bend over everytime you want to itch it. Anyway, I couldn't sleep, so I woke up and typed "mosquito bites" into google to find some home remedy for itch-relief, because I guarentee you that my grandma doesn't have an anti-itch cream that is from anytime after the 80s. Seriously, everything in her medicine cabinet is near antique.

I was just about to explain how in researching the remedies I heard an annoying little buzzing noise, but as I began to type it the little beast decided to snack on my foot again. I killed it this time. He was a warrior though. I am itchy and annoyed nonetheless.