I have finally been able to partake in one of my favorite events of the summer...music at the Lake Harriet Bandstand! It's held every night at 7:30, except Sundays where they have a show at 2 and another at 5 or something like that. Anyway, last summer I was able to go quite often, and this summer I had the intention to do the same. However, it has been a very busy summer and I had not had the chance until last Friday where I went with a couple girlfriends to watch musicians who are apart of the Minnesota Association of Songwriters. Very chill, and wonderful. Tonight I went with Laura and my brother to watch the Bend in the River Big Band play a wide variety of Swing and Jazz. That was also very enjoyable. My nights at Lake Harriet make me very happy and at peace.

Lake Harriet is an awesome place to people-watch because there are hippies of all ages uniting for free music. Tonight, we saw a very unfortunate event. There was an old man in a rocking lawn chair (this looked like a regular folding lawn chair except that the legs were connected by a curved bar allowing it to rock...so it's exactly what it sounds like). He was sitting next to two women, one of which was in a regular folding lawn chair and the other in a rocking lawn chair. This detail is of no consequence, however I was intrigued by the existence of a rocking lawn chair. The crime was that the poor old man's comb-over was no longer combed-over. His bald head was exposed, and attached to it was a large chunk of hair free-flowing in the summer wind. I felt bad laughing, but it was a crucial point at which to laugh.

Next time we're bringing wine...

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