A Good Year

The year's about to end, and I feel that it is time for reflection.  Don't worry, I won't reflect too much.  

It's been a good year.  Yes, a good year.



I just finished breakfast with Gloria.  She and I were looking out the window at the blanket of snow, dreaming of Maui - where she spent most of her winters.  I'm so thankful to be in with Gloria.  Although, the basement is freezing and the upstairs is an oven and my stuff is all over, I am still happy.  Soon enough I will be settled in my little place downstairs for some comfort and joy.  

I don't have to work until three today, but it's still one of those days where I want to do absolutely nothing but read a good book.  So for now, I will take a six, maybe seven, minute shower, then perhaps get some reading in anyway.  

Life as a college grad, I guess.



So in about five hours I will be a college graduate.   

That's really all I have to say, because I'm still having trouble believing it.  



I ought to be grading papers for the class I TA for, but I'll do it later.  

I just had to say that I am almost there!  Next week, you can find me looking for a job.  I'm graduating with an undergrad in Relational Communication.  I have experience in Communication and Marketing, as well as training/education and a heck of a lot of retail experience.  If you need someone who will work hard with a joyful spirit and do an awesome job, let me know and I'll send you my resume.  Hint hint!

My dad and Ben Tipler are looking for jobs too!  Also, my mom recently posted herself on craig's list for who knows what.  I think as an organizational specialist or party planner.  She charges $25 per hour, but seriously she can organize your life more than you could ever hope or wish.  She also plans parties/fundraisers/AUCTIONS/weddings/whatever is needed.  So this is one giant personal ad.  

So if you need:
Party Planner: Trudi
Auctioneer: Sarah Jean
Financial Smarty Pants: Kent
Something with Graphics/Web: Ben
PR/Marketing: Sarah Jean
Makeup: Sarah Jean
Life Coach: Trudi
Anything that is a full time position: Sarah Jean

Just putting it out there...

Good Grief, Charlie Brown.
Off to work...



This is one of those obligatory posts, because I have very little worth saying.  

I am six days away from graduation, and have so much to do with so little time to do it. 

I'm excited for this weekend, but wish I didn't have so much on my mind so I could enjoy it to the fullest.  

Remember when I said I don't paint my finger nails? Well, I have red nails for the Holidays.  Pretty neat.

I keep thinking about what I will do a week from today.  My favorite option is to get in bed with a good book and a bottle of wine and not get out until the book is through, or until I have to go to the bathroom.

Oh yeah, I had a photo shoot with Chris today.  I hope he got some good pictures for his portfolio.  

I must go and make a list of things to do...

Sarah Jean


Spilled Sprinkles

It's snowing.  It's a perfect snow.  The way the light is hitting it makes it almost look like glitter.  

Tonight Stephanie and I baked Christmas cookies to candle light, christmas music and the glitter snow falling outside our window.  By "baked" I clearly mean we bought break and bake sugar cookies, frosted them and then spilled sprinkles all over the kitchen I just cleaned.  However, you cannot bake Christmas cookies without a good mess.  It felt right.  The whole situation was near perfect.  We're pretty cute roommates.  I'll be sad to loose her in a week and a half to India, then Kansas City, then Elliot.  On the other hand, I cannot help but be so excited for her.

I'm just giddy tonight.


Sparkly Skirts

Right now, I'm sitting in a pull-over fleece and my new tweed sparkly skirt.  It's sad, but I just love this skirt because it is so cute.  I have to lounge in it because there are not many occasions to wear a sparkly skirt.  Even if there were multiple occasions to wear it, it's the kind of skirt that people would see and think, "Sarah Jean wore that sparkly skirt last time.  It may make her butt look very nice (which it does) but seriously?"  I must make buying this skirt worth while.

I had a perfect day yesterday.  The snow made for hazardous roads, but it was beautiful and created picturesque moments.

Ashley Moore is home.  It's always a party with some of my favorite girls.  Now I'm going to frighten her while she is in the shower.  I seriously do not know what I will do with out roommates to pester.  

So I wanted to turn off the lights, but Steph already did it to Ashley during this same shower, so...
I just ripped the shower curtain open...classic.



Tonight was slow at work, so Elena suggested that we get cheesecake.  Being the woman in charge, I sent her to cheesecake factory for a late night snack.  Mmmm.  I still have left-over turtle cheesecake in my fridge waiting to satisfy my every craving. 

On my way home from work, Delilah lifted my spirits.  Please take that with all the sarcasm you can dig up.  Oh Delilah.  I have realized that everyone who calls in to her show speaks in a soothing whisper as if to match Delilah's subdued tone.  I truly wish I could reiterate the deep softness that is Delilah's voice through a bad impression.  However, being that I am typing, and you are reading, I will just have to hope you have listened to her program and know exactly what I'm talking about.  Try topping off this picture by imagining me attempting to imitate her voice.  Oh it's great.  Thank you, Delilah.

16 days!

And yet again, Oswald Chambers spoke wonderful words of wisdom this morning.  I won't type it all out.  However, if you want to read it you can click here.  I generally read the updated edition only because it is sometimes easier to understand, but the original edition is free online so help yourself.  Stephanie and I read this out loud to each other.  Yeah, we're pretty cute roommates.  That's all I really have for now.

Time to focus.

P.S. I graduate in 16 days!