I ought to be grading papers for the class I TA for, but I'll do it later.  

I just had to say that I am almost there!  Next week, you can find me looking for a job.  I'm graduating with an undergrad in Relational Communication.  I have experience in Communication and Marketing, as well as training/education and a heck of a lot of retail experience.  If you need someone who will work hard with a joyful spirit and do an awesome job, let me know and I'll send you my resume.  Hint hint!

My dad and Ben Tipler are looking for jobs too!  Also, my mom recently posted herself on craig's list for who knows what.  I think as an organizational specialist or party planner.  She charges $25 per hour, but seriously she can organize your life more than you could ever hope or wish.  She also plans parties/fundraisers/AUCTIONS/weddings/whatever is needed.  So this is one giant personal ad.  

So if you need:
Party Planner: Trudi
Auctioneer: Sarah Jean
Financial Smarty Pants: Kent
Something with Graphics/Web: Ben
PR/Marketing: Sarah Jean
Makeup: Sarah Jean
Life Coach: Trudi
Anything that is a full time position: Sarah Jean

Just putting it out there...

Good Grief, Charlie Brown.
Off to work...

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