As the summer draws to a close, I am finding myself just as busy as ever. This is the time every summer that I generally find myself getting antsy and ready to begin my routined life as a full-time student. Nothing is different about this summer, I am still anxious to be back in the classroom. Maybe not so much to be in class, but rather to see all my dear friends at Bethel. Most of all, I cannot wait to move in with Steph. I am very much looking forward to a very low-key year with only one roommate. I love having roommates, but I hate having one bathroom and five other girls to share it with. It will be nothing less than glorious to share a bathroom with only one other. Plus, she is fantastic.

I began to feel the urge to blog as I was sitting in front a heap of clothes on the floor at my parents' house. My goal for the evening is to sort through them, yet again, and really decide what I need with me at school and what I should donate to Salvation Army. I did this at the beginning of the summer to make it easy on me now, but now I have forgotten what is in the large rubbermaid container, and I feel as though it is necessary for me to filter through them again. I want to have as little as possible. And as this task struck me as daunting, I felt I must focus my attention elsewhere. Who knows if I will get to it tonight, or whether I will just do it when I'm unpacking it at school. Actually, now that I mention it, that I may be the best idea. I can just bring what I don't need home. Eh. I am now satisfied.


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