such great television

Oh I have a Gloria for ya'll. These will be more few and far between, as I head back to school and will not see her as often.

We were sitting at breakfast the other day, and all of a sudden she got really giddy (picture old people giddy, it's quite funny) and said, "There is going to be such good television these next couple weeks. First, with the Democratic convention and then...the Republican convention!" She said it as though the past couple weeks there has been nothing good on. Olympics? What's that? No, no, no...only the national conventions for this political junkie.

Also, might I add, I noticed yesterday morning that sitting on the table next to the dining room table was a map. Not just any map, but one with just the United States. Most of the middle states were colored red (with the exception of MN), and the states on the coast were blue. You guessed it. She has a map in her dining room showing with states are Democratic and which states are Republican.

Oh Gloria.

I am about to finish the book my aunt suggested I read. The Shack. It's a Christian Novel. It's not a great literary read, but it does put a different light on God. It paints a picture of the trinity in a way that one can comprehend. So in that sense it has been good. I have heard that it has been controversial, but I one goes into it, knowing it's only a novel and not Biblical truth, I think it's fine. Once I finish it I'm going to pick up The Bell Jar and hopefully finish it this time. Otherwise I need to read Twilight before the movie comes out. The fact that it is a vampire romance book, really makes me not want to read it, however my dear friends from Bare Escentuals say I must. I can't knock it until I read it.

Needless to say, I have too much to read to watch all the great television these next couple of weeks.

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