Oh Snap.

I am in the midst of moving into my apartment at Bethel. It's big, clean, on campus, and smells just a touch...nothing that an air wick won't fix. Stephanie's brothers, dad and grandma came in from Chicago to help her move in. Families are always funny. They are going to the state fair today, however my ovaries are hindering me from going today. Lame. So I am going to stay and finish unpacking. There is no shame in that.

I have unpacked some of my books that I want to read this semester in my down time (if I ever have any). Speaking of books, I went and bought books for one class: $85. I charged it to my student account. I figure I'll pay it off later in loans. Eh. I am holding off on buying books for my other classes though. I have a feeling I will be able to borrow them from people. If all else fails, I will flirt with the sophomore boys and set up a study date...and by study date I clearly mean I will walk over to their dorm to pick up their book.

I bought new jeans the other day. I have come to realize that I buy heels a lot. However, I have a couple pairs of 4-inch heels that are too casual to wear with anything other than jeans and, since I hem all of my jeans, I don't have any that are long enough for 4-inch heels. So I found these jeans at H&M, but the only pair they had in my size were missing a snap on one of the back pockets. No biggie, they gave me a discount so I got them for $17. Rock on. So I went to the fabric store today to pick up new snaps designed for jeans and overalls. They're not super cute, but they'll do. As I began my crafty adventure, Stephanie's grandma, who is short and has a thick German accent, stopped me and took over the task. She's a little intense. She showed me how to take the other part of the old snap off the jeans, but wouldn't let me finish it. She wanted to do it, until she decided she couldn't finish it. At that point she handed the jeans off to Elliot, Steph's boyfriend, because he is stronger. It was a snap! Then she gave me very specific directions to sew the hole up very small before I inserted the new snap. She also told me I was not allowed to try to remove the snap from the other pocket because I would break it. Please remember this was all in a German accent. I wanted my snaps to match, so after she left, I did the other side. (Evil laugh). They look good.

Grandma's are wonderful. I will miss mine....and Stephanie's.

Well, off to unpack!

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