I truly wish I had all of the right answers. About God that is. Here's the deal. I know Him, I believe in Him, and it's not just because I grew up believing in Him. But how can I explain that to someone? Yesterday someone who believes in God, but is still trying to figure it all out picked my brain. It all was a blur and I do not remember much of what he said or how I responded, but I was ashamed much of the conversation.

Him: How would you explain to someone that your God exists?
Me: Eh?
Him: Ok, what makes you think your God exists?
Me: Well, it is evident to me that evil exists, and I have witnessed God counter act it...
(Okay, for the record this was a terrible answer, and he called me on it...embarrassing. Being put on the spot stinks)

This evening went on with questions like this. Questions that tested my faith, as he tried to strengthen his. My answers became better throughout the evening (credit for this can only go to God, because these debates are not in my skill-set), especially as I began to see what the root of the problem was for him: Christians (or the ones he knows) go to church on Sunday, but other than that their lives don't seem different from non-Christians, yet they are quick to judge. GRRR! That makes me so mad.

I explained that Christians SHOULD love the Lord their God with all they have, and second to love others as they love themselves. Unfortunately, just because they are Christians doesn't mean they automatically do that. I apologized for those who have misrepresented Christ, and for me misrepresenting Christ DAILY! I'm giving him a copy of Letters to a Skeptic by Greg Boyd...He tends to have a way with some of these answers.

Please pray that this man will see God the way He ought to be seen. Pray that he will see Christians that act the way Christians ought to act...like Christ. Pray that he will see the appeal in Christ as he observes Christ lived out in others' lives. Just pray. Pray that we will all be bold in our faith to preach the word, because it is the TRUTH and because those who don't know Him need to.

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