It's Greek to me

How do you say Gyro?
I'm not sure if the pronunciation matters, but I had one for dinner tonight. It was scrumptious.

On another note:
I have a blister on my thumb from playing my Autoharp.
I have been trying to master the "jazzy" strums. I think my rhythm is off.
For anyone who knows me, it is not a surprise.
I don't quite get how I can call out numbers in a rhythmic sort of way (you know, like auctioneering),
but for some reason when it comes to singing and doing anything rhythmic at the same time, I am completely challenged.
There are more important things I suppose.

I have to come up with something "cool" to do with the Calli and Cooper (kids I watched this summer) tomorrow when they come to Bethel. Sometimes I fear that they don't think I'm cool, so I really want to impress them.

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Anonymous said...

Gyro is pronounced "euro"