I'll fly away, O glory.

I drove past the airport today on my way to work. There was this aching pain inside my gut trying to convince me to book a flight to who knows where. I don't mean for like this summer or after graduation. It was as if the adventurous part of me was doing all it could to communicate with the sensible part of me by saying, "They probably don't need you at work today. You're almost at the airport, plus you have your tooth brush and tooth paste with you from staying in Hudson last night. Just do it." Then I sat there driving and trying to work it out in my head. I have to work today, but then again, I could call in sick. I have a $1,900 limit on my visa, and I bet I could do a weekend of travel for that much. I don't mind having to pay it off in little bits for the next couple of months. The only thing is that I have the We Can Ride Auction tomorrow night, and they have been so gracious to let me come and observe this year, and it would be unprofessional to skip. And with that, I continued past the airport exits, and headed to work. Here I am now, just dying to fly away.

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