I just got pulled over. Literally like 30 minutes ago. I didn't cry though, which you must know is an accomplishment.

Here's the thing...
I generally try to stay to the speed limit, unless of course I get distracted. This happens quite often. Usually when I'm bid-calling or singing. Tonight, I was praying.

What cop is going to believe that though,
"I'm sorry officer, but I was so caught up in prayer that I just lost track of my speed." (wink).
So I skipped that act and just said,
"Yes, I know why you pulled me over. I was speeding...quite a bit." It was 73 in a 55. Oops.

Anyway, the young officer had mercy on me and let me off with a warning and a citation that said I didn't have a valid proof of insurance on me, but I can call the number on the back of the sheet in a week and everything will be stricken from my record.

Praise the Lord!

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