A thought on Weddings

Kirsten got married yesterday. It was way out in the country, but it is so fitting for her. I must say that going into it I was not too excited, but by the end of the night much of my cynicism towards the tradition of weddings had faded. Here's the deal (please remember that this is my cynicism speaking, and it does not reflect my true feelings or beliefs). Many of my girlfriends from college are getting married this next year. Yes, they are in love and I am so happy for them, but I am in such a different stage of life that it's often difficult for me to relate. It's hard for me to see all of the planning aspects because it sometimes seems like people get so caught up on things that aren't important rather than focusing on what matters. I don't need to go into detail, because it will just sound angry. The point is, being at Kirsten and Adam's wedding softened my heart.

Also. It has been a nice weekend. There are so many wonderful people in town: Aunt Marisa, Ashley, and Nate. All people I love dearly, but rarely see. I would only be better if Kate and Amanda Kogle would have been around too. I wouldn't have had time to see everyone if they had come in town though, so it's all for the better. Plus, Amanda will be in next weekend, and Kate the following. It's all wonderful.

Spencer's message was good today. Download it if you didn't hear it.

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