smelling pumpkin bread

I'm baking pumpkin bread right now. It has about five minutes left. I just checked on it, but I could tell the top was still a bit doughy so I'm letting it sit for a bit more. My whole room smells like the spiced fragrance of fall. I should have brought home the cider that my dad bought for me this weekend. I forgot. Oh well, hot cocoa will be just fine.

I've been job searching lately. It's really an intimidating thing to do. I think the most difficult part is having enough confidence in my own abilities so that someone will feel assured by hiring me. It's tough when I don't really know what I want to do, or what I would be good at. I have some ideas, but it's all scary to me. Will I ever be ready? I don't feel grown-up enough to have a real grown-up job. YIKES! I'm just chasing all the open doors and trusting God to close the ones that aren't right.

I just checked on the pumpkin bread again. It's super doughy on the inside. I think my pans were a bit too small so I had to make it deeper. I really hope I don't burn the edges. Oh goodness.

I have a date with Jenna tonight. She's one of my closest friends and I haven't talked to her in nearly three weeks. It's very sad. I am too busy for my own good.



Anonymous said...

here's a tip on 'done-ness' for baked items: use a long, dry spaghetti noodle [string?]...it doesn't damage the bread, like a knife does.
sarah: you'll be wonderful at anything you do. don't look at a job as 'arrival': you're on a lifetime journey of discovery: discovering what you love, and what you're good, and gifted at.

Anonymous said...

i love your writing style. you remind me of molly wizenberg, who has a column in BON APPETIT: HERE'S her blog: http://orangette.blogspot.com/
read her column on line, or next time your home. au revoir, ma petite amie!