Okay, I have a guilty confession. As I write this, I am home alone at my parent's house which I have mentioned before has a sense of comfort that nothing else can give. I am drinking peppermint hot chocolate, I have a candle lit which I can see out of the corner of my eye, and I am listening to Christmas music. Please forgive me. I am not making a habit out of this, mainly because I don't want to be sick of Christmas music by the time Christmas actually rolls around. I understand that it is not even Halloween yet, but I just need this moment now. I do not feel the need to be traditional just for the sake of tradition. After tonight, however, I will try to get through the next month and a half with out Christmas music. Okay, except a song by Laurence Juber just came on Pandora, and I'm totally diggin it. Well, maybe I can listen to his non-Holiday station on Pandora.

I am thankful for my friends who read this and choose not to judge me.


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Anonymous said...

i love you: i wanna be with you and kate, when she comes to town. m