Back from Camping

So I went camping. I think I had romanticized it a bit. You know, I would be the good big sister...no, the BEST big sister, and take them camping. Then we would get there, they would quickly make a fire the way boy scouts do, and pitch the tent. Then we would sit by the fire, play cards, go for a hike, make s'mores, and call it a trip and go home.

Now, meet what I like to call reality: It was dark. We hiked a mile with the stuff. We had to saw our own wood. We had to pitch a tent in the dark. The moon was lovely, huge and orange. The wood didn't burn. The stars were glorious. It was cold. The next morning was foggy. The day was gorgeous. The leaves were colorful. The food was prepared by 14 year old boys so it was pure sugar. The St. Croix river was beautiful, and the day-time hiking without carrying stuff was awesome. The people who had our site after us came early and kicked us out. All in all, it was way more work than I anticipated, but well worth it.

My alarm didn't go off, and I missed Bible study. Off to church!

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