Babies and Breakfast in Bed

I finally saw the twins!  Tirzah and Alayna are beautiful, petite and perfect!  I had the chance to hang out with Erica (the mom) and my aunt Teresa (grandma to the babies), and hold Tirzah all night long.  I'm so happy we have babies in our family.  

After holding the perfect little beings, I went over the the Comm boys' house (the guys from all my Communication classes last year) to carve pumpkins!  It was a perfect evening.  They had a fire going in the fireplace, and once our pumpkins were carved we turned off all the lights except for the pumpkins and the fireplace and listened to some very chill music.  Christy and I were so cozy that we spent the night on their couches and they made us breakfast in bed, or in couch rather since we were not in actual beds.  We had wonderful omelets and very smooth coffee.  It was a fantastic way to spend my first day off work in two weeks.

Now back to work.  

Happy Halloween!

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