My keyboard is sticky. I know that's a little gross. Here's the deal. I went to Target yesterday to just get out of my apartment. It was such a groggy day and I had nothing to do so I literally stayed at my apartment all day, well until 6pm. After dinner (around 6pm) I decided to go to Target and enjoy the sky that had cleared up. I bombed around Target for a while. I got socks, a dishtowel, paper towels, coffee (desperately needed), iced tea/lemonade mix, carmel, a pitcher with a lid, honeycrisp apples (a big box for seven-something), and some candy bars for Steph and me. I was there way too long for what I got, but it was a nice outing. When I left the moon was gorgeous! It was full, and well, Ashley, you know what that means. Okay, back to the sticky keyboard...I was eating the apples with the carmel that I picked up at Target yesterday, and it got on my keyboard. I'm getting a moist paper towel to wipe it down.

That was a terrible story, but eh.

This semester has been go go go, and I don't know when I will be able to catch a breath. That's my life as of now.


Ashley said...

I love love love you.
more later.
Talking to Pete was decent, and I got off the phone first. Good for me.

Ashley said...

Also, you girls need to get out of your apartment more and enjoy the world. It's important, you only have two months of college left before you have to be a real grown-up.