Indian Food

Bare Escentuals GRAND OPENING!!!  It was slow at first, but by mid-afternoon it was busy.  There was one point we were even on a wait!  Southdale is a slow mall, but I think we can help revive it.  The mall manager came in and talked to Elsa, our boutique manager, and said, "You're the 50 yard line."  I'm assuming he was trying to make a sports analogy, which was a dumb decision given that we are a MAKE UP STORE.  But whatever, he got the point across.  I told our girls that we can bring Southdale into the end zone (I'm not sure if that is a correct way to continue that analogy because I know absolutely nothing about football).  All this to say that it was great!

I just returned from getting Indian food with the Sims (lifetime family friends).  Good gracious, my digestive system is screaming swears at me right now.  If all that grumbling could be translated into real words I think it would be saying, "Why the H-E-double hockey sticks, did you let yourself eat all that fudgin spicy food!?!"  Seriously, my tummy sounds super angry.  The food was well worth the stomach ache.

SIDE NOTE: Someone is lighting fire crackers in my neighborhood right now.  I can hear it.

Now, I must go and finish my Bible study for the day.  I'm doing The Patriarchs by Beth Moore with the women at church.  God is so good.  He uses mistake-makers...like me (and Abraham).

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