Oh boy. I just called someone to ask about possible opportunities with their company. It was one of those things where I had a script written out so I wouldn't babble on and on (sort of funny: Babylon). Then as my phone was ringing I was literally saying "please go to voicemail, please go to voicemail," and then praying at the same time that if someone did in fact pick up that it would not be in the middle of me saying, "Please go to voicemail." It went to voicemail and I read off my voicemail script, but still managed to "um" and "eh" and "er" like a fool. I also talked way to fast. Now my palms are sweaty, and my hear rate feels like a drum roll. The worse part is that I didn't get to talk to anyone and now I just wait. Anticipation kills. This whole finding a job thing is so scary.

I find that blogging is a very successful way for me to procrastinate doing things that are actually necessary, like homework or my Bible study.

I just want to be auctioneering full time.

Please pray that I can go to Faithwalkers. I really want to go, but I am already scheduled that week at Bare Escentuals. I'm not sure what to do.

Really, I am off to do something productive. Sort of.

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Anonymous said...

come to faithwalkers...that's easy. room with jessica. drive with jessica. knox car is full. or we could rent a van. no,just kidding. absolutely come to faithwalkers. make it your christmas tradition. m