terrible at coming up with titles for posts

Notice that the title of my blog is "Sarah Jean is..." Often what I try to do is match up my posts so that it finishes that sentence. Examples: Sarah Jean is Hungry, or Sarah Jean is done with hypothetical questions, or Sarah Jean is terrible at coming up with titles for posts. However, this is not working out for me. I think it may limit my title possibilities. I may need to change the overall title of my blog. We'll see.

A handful of reasons why I'm ready for Christmas:

Reason 1: Stephanie asked me to put on Christmas music today, and I did. You must know Steph to realize how big of a deal that is. Ashley, if you're reading this, you understand even more so than I. Steph generally lives by the strict rule that you absolutely cannot under any circumstances listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. She cracked. The stress of her final semester impaired her judgement and she demanded Christmas music. I played her favorite: Mary Did You Know?

Reason 2: I want to use my Minnesota cookie cutter again.

Reason 3: I could use the relaxation that I get from lying on my living room floor with all the lights off so I can watch the shadows created on the ceiling by the changing lights on the tree.

Reason 4: Faithwalkers is only a couple days later.

Reason 5: As of now, this may be the biggest reason for my anticipation of Christmas: I will be a college graduate and I will be done with all of this nonsense. I'm sorry that I feel it's nonsense right now. I am so thankful for my education, but my semester of 200-level classes that were required for the classes I already took are driving me nuts. I am so done with this stage of life. Talk about contentment.

God bless us, everyone.

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The Colonel said...

Reason 1 reminds me of how rare it is to find someone that will listen to and enjoy Christmas music before Thanksgiving.

The first time I broke this year was in July when I turned on my Christmas station on Pandora at work for an hour.