This is nice

I just got home from work. Not Bethel home, but home home. I always stay at home on Thursday nights because I close at work then have to open on Friday morning. I have a feeling that schedule will change starting next week as I begin my new job. Have I mentioned that I have a new job? Well, I do. It is actually still with Bare Escentuals, but just a different position. I will be the Lead Trainer at the Southdale Boutique when it opens next week. I'm excited about it. I needed a change of some sort. Something more than a new haircut (which I also received today, but it's not much different).

Back to being home home. This very moment feels exactly the way I imagine home to feel (except for the fact that I am the only one awake, because generally when I imagine home I imagine my family along with it). There is a fire going, I have a glass of wine in my hand, and Neil Young is playing in the background (I'm not sure why I always associate Neil Young with home, but I will always love him because of it). I would say that only cookies could make this more enjoyable, but I just found cookies on the Kitchen counter. I love my life. I love home. My hope is that I can make my grandma's house feel a little like home when I move in with her again after graduation. You see, my home is warm and cozy. It makes you want to dim the lights, pull out a good novel and cuddle with the cat. My grandma's house, on the other hand, feels like a bright townhouse with some remnants of a 1990's Maui hotel. Needless to say, it's just not what I know to be home.

I leave to go camping with Max and his friend, Evan, tomorrow. I'm excited because they are wonderful fun. However, it feels weird that both my parents and Evan's parents think that I am grown-up enough to be the only grown-up on a camping trip. I was informed today that the site near Stillwater was full, so we will be staying at Afton State Park where we will have to carry our stuff a mile from our car to our campsite. Who doesn't love a good hike. I still wished I there was someone else my age to come with us. The offer still stands, folks.

Once again, I am thrilled to be at home. I am going to take in all the wonderful comforts.


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