Fill in the ________

Steph found a mad lib in the front of her Metro Magazine:

FILL IN THE ______
Spending Thanksgiving alone.
by john paul burgess

Being alone on Thanksgiving is not so bad.  In fact, it's kind of adjective.  While everyone else is out verb ending in -ing  and verb ending in -ing with their families and friends, you can sit at home in your article of clothing  watching TV show on TV with a cold something cold in hand.  Or, take some time to finally check out the Minneapolis landmark while there isn't a line (if it's closed in honor of the holiday, try verb ending in -ing over to the St. Paul landmark). And don't even worry about the big meal.  Just adverb improvise with whatever you've got lying around the house.  Instead of a turkey, just fry up a noun.  Instead of stuffing, just cram some noun in a noun.  And instead of mashing potatoes, try verb ending in -ing some plural nown.  Then eat it all in the room in your house (not your kitchen).  For dessert? A noun with adjective cream.  Now doesn't that sound better than verb ending in -ing with your relatives.  When it comes down to it, you'll be happy not to have to hear another story about the time your great aunt verb ending in -ed that noun in the '50s.  Boy, she sure is adjective.

I think I'll write my own mad lib sometime.  Keep your eyes out for that.  Off to study.

With love,

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