Well, I crashed during class. I was shaky up until class started, and then when some students began a completely unnecessary debate on Calvinism versus Open Theism, I hit the wall. I just hate when people talk themselves into circles. It's discussions like this that tear the church apart. People fight over things that, in the end, don't really matter because no matter how much it is discussed, we still won't know the answer. During class I turned to the guy next to me to tell him that I was annoyed that people were talking about things off topic and that can't be concluded in a three-hour class. He took out his pen and wrote, "A God that is big enough for us to understand is a God that is not big enough for what we need." I took out my purple pen and wrote, "Amen." I take comfort in the fact that the realm in which God acts is far more than I can ever fathom.

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