It's not personal, it's business

As Kathleen Kelly questioned in my all-time favorite, You've Got Mail, "What does that mean anyway? 'It's not personal, it's business?' Because it was personal to me."

I was recently demoted. After my boss strongly encouraged me to step down from my position she said, "Sarah, it's not personal." I responded, "I know...it's business." I wonder if she picked up the reference.

I consider myself humbled.


Anonymous said...

Honey, just realize, like from your Esther study, that God is in this, somehow, someway, for His wonderful Sovereign purposes. It is 'business.' It's His kingdom business: you just can't see it yet. And 'humbling' is always good. love you, mary

I believe in truth, action and the cocktail hour said...

You know what this means, don't you?

Now you're going to fall in love with your boss just as Kathleen fell in love with Joe!

You better warn Nate!

Okay, all teasing aside- Sarah, I love you. I'm sorry to hear that you got demoted and I'm glad that you are taking the news well, though I'm sure it's terribly difficult to accept. Rest assured in knowing that you are loved, that you are smart and kind and going to do great things. I love you.

Unrelated but interesting: my mother claims that Hawaii looks just like Jurassic Park, only without the dinosaurs. She also said that "Gloria is so funny! Now we know where Sarah gets her sense of humor!" Again, I love you. xoxoxo!