around the corner

I left one of my blinds open last night by accident.  I normally don't like to do that because it weirds me out that people can see inside my big windows, but it turned out to be a good idea.  I woke up to sunshine this morning!  I went upstairs to eat breakfast and have coffee with Grandma, and it was so sunny that I couldn't sit in my regular spot at the table because the sun was blinding my eyes.  Gloria and I began to rave about the glorious sunshine...spring is just around the corner...pretty soon we'll be able to eat breakfast on the deck...it's like we're in Maui...gosh, it's just so nice outside.  As usual, Grandma G. decided to turn on the weather channel where all of our optimisms were shattered.  In the lower right hand corner it read our temperature: -2.  In unison we screamed, "WHAT?"  I still believe spring is around the corner.

I feel like I talk about weather too much.  It just has such a big impact on me.  

Enjoy the sunshine!

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