The street sweepers were out today, and, as Nate pointed out earlier, that is the sign that it is spring in Minnesota.  Forget about the glorious sunshine and comfortable weather.  Sweeping the dirty streets gives us hope for the new life that will be popping up very soon.  I love spring.  It just puts me in a bouncy mood.  Like I'm so happy I could just bounce.

We went to Jensen's (or is it Jenson's?) in Burnsville this morning.  They have the best bacon in the whole wide world.  One piece is pretty much equivalent to three pieces of regular bacon, and it is the perfect amount of crispy.  Healthy? No, but it surely is delicious.

I have an interview with a family as a Nanny today.  It's not quite what I thought I'd be doing after college, but I'm not the one who directs my steps anyway...

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