Bethel Student Activities Refund

Still no job.  God will provide what is necessary...as usual. 

God is cool?  Yes.  As you know, my hours/pay were cut immensely due to my demotion at Bare Escentuals.  It wasn't my dream job by any means, but it paid the bills...sort of.  A couple days after I found out my terrible news, I received a check in the mail for almost the exact difference of what will be missing in my next pay check.  The memo on the check was "BSA activities refund." Perhaps they found out that I didn't attend a single BSA activity all year and they recognized it as a wise decision so they gave me my money back.  However, it's more likely that they initially charged me for two semesters when I only attended Bethel for one semester this year.  Anyway, I needed the money now and God provided.  He is so good.  

Thankful for the money you do have?  Check out Spencer's message that he gave at Evergreen Bloomington.

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Thomas and Laura said...

God is soooo good, Sarah! And yes, Spencer's message was wise and refreshing, and yet another reminder that God is good and to be praised, even monetarily.

Thanks for coming over tonight :) Love you!