In like a lion out like a lamb

March.  It could possibly be the grossest month of the year.  I hate February too, but I can at least tolerate it given that it is only 28 days long and it is honest.  March, on the other hand, is nothing but a tease.  The only thing that gets me though the month is knowing that once it's done, the weather will have calmed down and it will be spring.  If you are a seasoned Minnesotan, however, you know that there could very possibly be snow in April.  Granola!  Anyway, we'll be there soon enough.  

Today is officially Purim.  It goes from sundown of last night to sundown of tonight.  In honor of the jewish holiday, Laura and I baked the traditional Haman's Pocket cookies.  They were quite the project, but they are quite tasty. If we were to really celebrate the day Esther saved the Jews we would have taken part of all the other Purim festivities:
  • Reading the Esther Story and booing for Haman and cheering for Mordecai.
  • Partake in festival-like parties.
  • Eaten Matza balls.
  • Drank wine until we confused Haman and Mordecai (this is seriously written in the Talmud).
  • Partied like it was 478 BC!
I have an interview with a Nanny Agency tomorrow.  Please pray that it goes well, and that they can perhaps put me with a family that would be a PERFECT fit.  Nannying can be either awesome or horrible.  I'm praying for awesome!

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Thomas and Laura said...

You are correct... at least February is honest... March on the other hand is like the kid at school who wants to be cool so he says he is something he is not... sometimes you catch him being true to his word, but more often than not, he is just a poser... I think March WANTS to be part of Spring, but just can't face the fact that it's still a part of winter. Stupid.

And I say next year we thoroughly follow through on the tradition...

Praying for your interview! You should go to shouthouse tomorrow night!