Economic Revolution

I came across a letter that Kate sent me a while back.  We are pen pals. Kate, sorry I didn't write you back yet.  I have a letter half-written in my purse waiting to be signed, sealed and delivered.  At this point I will rewrite the letter all together.  In her letter she brought up our role as young professionals in this economy.  She wrote (and Kate I hope you don't mind me sharing this, but I just like it): 
I've come to believe that we're about to experience another revolution.  This revolution will totally change the current economic landscapte and will stem from the individualistic youth (us!) who despite corporate conformity, who with the tools of the internet, will market themselves and their own ideas in the free market and will, in that way, make a satisfying living.
That excites me.  When there are no jobs out there we have to be creative and motivated enough to survive.  I just met with my dad to create a business plan for my auctioneering.  I have been looking for jobs for the past three months and have decided that I want to focus on my desired career path rather than wasting my time and energy on something that will merely pay the bills.  That is something to get excited about!

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I believe in truth, action and the cocktail hour said...

Oh, Sarah!

I don't mind you sharing that at all, though I wish you had corrected my misspelling of 'landscape.'

Ha, just kidding.

I really do think that we're all going to be okay. We don't have anywhere to go but up, Sarah, and that's exciting. I will pray that you book auctions and wedding make-up appointments all summer long, and for as long as we both shall live (give or take).