Head Congestion

I am sick.  I can't breath out of my nose and I have mucus clogging up my throat.  Gross.  I keep having to sneeze.  I HATE SNEEZING!  What's even worse are the times where I have to sneeze, but I can't. So I am stuck making a stupid face while I wait for a sneeze to emerge.  I am living off Tylenol Cold and Head Congestion, herbal tea and Girl Scout cookies.

The cat went home today.  I am not sad at all.

Nate went home yesterday.  That does make me sad, but I was very lucky to see him.

Now I'm watching the season finale of the Bachelor.  It's the first episode I've watched all season, but I wanted to be a part of the girls' conversation at work tomorrow.  This show is so easy to get hooked on, but it makes me sick at the same time.  In about 45 minutes Jason will propose to one of the girls he's in love with.  ONE of the girls he is in love with.  He is in love with TWO women, and he was in love with a different girl last season.  Talk about baggage.  What will he do?  I must go and find out.

With lots of love,

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