Yesterday we had an all day training session for Bare Escentuals.  It was fun, but mean.  Let me tell you why it was mean.  They showed us all of the new things for spring that we fell in love with but cannot access until MAY!  Look out for Bare Escentuals new all 100% natural lip glosses.  They're creamy (not sticky), soft, smell a bit like cake batter, and they do not make the lips tingle.  Come visit me in May and play with them.  I also fell in love with the brand new Bare Escentuals Buxom Mascara which is only exclusive to Sephora.  Perhaps the best mascara I've ever tried.  If you want BIG BIG lashes, go to Sephora and get them now!  I may not always love my job, but at least I LOVE the product.

On another note, it has been a beautiful week...until yesterday that is.  I heard the birds chirping and I could even see bits of brown grass peaking through the snow patches.  I am so over winter.  Then yesterday we got snow...a lot of it.  February is a tease, and I know that March is too so I'm ready for April.  Good news is that it is a BEAUTIFUL morning.  As usual, I am eating breakfast in my dining room looking out past the deck admiring the sunshine.  If Gloria were with me she would notice the snow and say, without fail, "It's not like Maui."  However, she is not here with me because she is in Hawaii with my mom and Kim Sims.  Good for them.

Enjoy the sunshine. Spring is just around the corner.

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