Pretty in Pink

I went and got my nails done today.  I picked out this deep magenta color, and when I asked Mary (the nail lady) what she thought of it she said, "It's...okay."  I asked her why she thought it was just "okay," and she thought I ought to be a little more festive for Valentines day, "Pink is better for Valentines day."  So here I am with Barbie pink nails.  I think the exact color was OPI's "That's berry darling," but I'm not positive.

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I believe in truth, action and the cocktail hour said...

Why would you trust her judgment over your own? She doesn't have a Ph. D. in OPI nail care.
Well, neither do you. So, you're screwed.

Once I ended up with really awful blue nails by doing that ("What do you think, you're the expert"). I'm not talking Russian Navy blue, but like, I love Lizzie McGuire blue. It was terrible.