Suit Up

It's quite the life trying to become a young professional.  This whole transition from a college student to a respectable adult is confusing and adventurous.  

I bought a new suit the other day.  There is nothing like wearing a suit.  Whenever I wear a suit, I feel powerful and confident.  When I "suit up," the world is my oyster.  A suit is the difference between a college student and a young professional.  If I show up for an auction in jeans (even super cute trendy jeans with cute boots) and a nice top, people will look at me and think, "she's 21...and unexperienced." However, if I show up with a suit and a padfolio (a portfolio with a legal notebook inside), people will say, "That's the auctioneer."  I truly believe in the dress for success philosophy.

Anyway, I bought this suit and I have had a good week.
1) Had an informational interview at Target. I don't expect to ever really get a job there, but it was awesome learning about other opportunities that were out there for me.
2) Did a public auction for two commercial real estate agents where I sold one lot which consisted of all of the equipment and furnishings in a restaurant that went bankrupt.  Although only one bidder showed up, I was able to learn more about auctioneering for legal purposes rather than just for fundraising.  It was my first auction of this kind and I was able to pull it off with credibility...thanks to the suit.
3) I booked another auction for April.  It's a small auction, but I get to assist in the planning a bit which will be good experience for me.

Not that all of these things can be credited to a suit, nor can my confidence.  However, I feel good in a suit and when I feel good, I deliver.  So in some sense, I credit the suit.

Also...the job search continues.  I applied for a couple administrative positions today, and am considering applying for a part time position as a cohost for a local TV shopping network in Eden Prarie.  Side note: working on QVC is a secret dream job for me.  I will also be going out to an antique auction house tomorrow night just to watch a friend of mine auction.  I would really like to gain more auction experience and I'm hoping to be able to get experience there, even if it is just setting up the items before the previews or being a clerk or ringman.  Ideally, I want to sell, but it all comes with time.  Wish me luck as I merge into this thing called adulthood.

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