Tyranny of the Urgent

I have so much to do and so little time to do it.  Today I micro-organized my life.  I made a list of the days from now until December 17th (GRADUATION!), and I listed almost to the hour what needed to be done that day.  I already have my work schedule through that point so it made it easier to create an agenda.  Tonight, for instance, I need to update my resume, finish my Group Communication journal, email my professor, go to ATL (ann taylor loft) and pick up a shirt, and I may bake cookies.  Anyway, I was about to get started on the resume stuff, and Jenna texted me asking if I could meet for dinner at 5 (it was 4:41 at the time).  I haven't seen Jenna, one of my dearest friends, in nearly a month so with out hesitating I said, "YES!"  Here I am, two hours behind schedule, but satisfied with my decision.  I read this book last year, Tyranny of the Urgent, which focused on prioritizing what is important but fitting in what is urgent immediately.  Jenna was urgent.  I guess I'll push the group comm journal until tomorrow morning. 

I go down town tomorrow for an informational session at a company I would LOVE to work for.  I just found out they have a research department that does some pretty cool stuff.  I love research!  I'll get to meet some important people!  Wish me luck...no, pray for me.

Off to the important stuff.

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