Get ready for an extremely girly post. Get over it. I am a girl. I love being a girl. It's no secret that I am a girly girl (let's be honest, I'm a make up artist). I hope you all love me and my girliness (not despite of it). With that being said, I will not apologize for the following content:

I'm waiting for my toes to dry. When I say "toes to dry," I mean I'm waiting for my toe nail polish that's on my toes to dry - this is very important insight. I was going to stop at Ulta tonight and pick up some exotic sounding color from OPI like "those aren't my toys" or "I-swear-I'm-not-a-waitress red." I ran out of time, so I'm at home using Revlon's "Valentine" color. It does not give the optimal shine or wear that I am looking for, but it will do for now, I suppose. I'm waiting for this coat to dry so I can finish it off with a high-gloss clear top coat. I am a stickler about my toe nails (my fingernails stay trimmed short with no paint). If I get one chip in the polish, I redo all ten toes: remove polish, clip, file, polish twice, top coat. This may sound superficial, but I promise you it's not...well it may be, but I don't care. I feel feminine when my toes are beautiful, and when they are not, it is just something I add to my list of ugly. It's important for me to feel feminine from head to toe (literally).

Now that I have shared with you some of the superficiality that goes through my mind, I must get to bed.

Thanksgiving is only two days away!

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