First of all, I would like to say that the people who live in the apartment above us keep making this squeeky-squeeky sound.  It definitely sounds like they are...well, you know.  Steph has come to the conclusion that they are playing DDR.  Nonetheless, it is annoying and I wish they would stop.

So I just got back from the North Heights Christian Academy Auction.  I tag-teamed it with Colonel Dan Swenson (I am Colonel Sarah Jean Whitson BTW, but I choose not to use the title).  We rocked the house and raised over $50,000! There were 51 items to sell, and we did it in just short of two hours.  I was nervous and flustered going into it, but after lots of prayer I was calm and having a blast.  Our tag-teaming efforts were a hit.  If I did the auction alone, people would be annoyed by my higher female voice.  Likewise, if he had done the auction alone people would have been put to sleep by his baritone chant.  We took turns selling every other item.  The variety kept people's attention through the entire two hours.  I love auctioneering!  We booked the auction again next year.

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