Driver's Donuts

It got cold. Do you know what I mean? Like I feel like the world was a perfect temperature then all of a sudden, it got cold. I didn't realize it until this morning when I was driving and the man on the radio said, "it's cloudy here downtown and about thirty degrees but the temperature is about to drop." Yikes. I'm still wearing my fall jacket, which lost another button today. This was unfortunate given that I had no scarf and a low cut shirt on and there was nothing to block the cold air. I need to get a new coat, and sew the button on this one.

Today was a very good day. I woke up late, and initially had that "oh no! I slept too late. What will happen to me now?!?!" feeling, but then I stopped stressing and was able to get ready (shower, dry/style hair, makeup, get dressed, brush teeth, etc.) in a half hour! This was amazing. Then I went to get gas, and it was $1.79! I knew I would be late for work if I stopped at Starbucks so I got coffee from the gas station - which I always seem to enjoy - as well as a 6 pack of mini chocolate donuts. So in the car I drank my gas station coffee, ate my "driver's donuts" and listened to the current which had the most free spirited line up. It made me so happy that I literally said out loud, "Lord Jesus, I am so happy right now." Then I went to work. So mainly my drive to work was exceptional. I didn't even mind being stuck in traffic. Actually, I was a little disappointed when the traffic picked up again.

Off to class soon. I must finish/print my paper!


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