Santa Snitched

I just filled my gas tank, which was completely empty, for $19.01! Halfway through summer, I found myself praying at the pump, "Lord Jesus, please do not let it break fifty" and it reached $49.92...no lie. It is only $1.59 per gallon at the Exon Station on County Road E2 in Roseville. Speaking of gas...I was thinking, what if American gas stations all of a sudden started charging gas by the liter? People would be going wild over the crazy low prices, not realizing that they were paying per liter. Also, what if we did everything metric? No, that would be too logical.

Next time you see me, ask me to tell you the Santa story. It's too priceless to be told any other way than live, but I'll give you a sneak peek:
"Santa said he saw you steal..."

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