Bethany Auction

I just got home from doing the Bethany Academy auction. Can I just say that I love doing that auction? I like it for many reasons:
~It was the auction that first striked my interest in auctioneering.
~My mom is usually in charge of running it.
~It's fairly casual.
~It's themed. Tonight was called A Night in Paradise...A Hawaiin theme.
~The High Schoolers are highly involved in volunteering. I love working with the high schoolers. Tonight there were a bunch of senior boys who choriographed their own "tribal" dance. It was awesome! They wore grass skirts, and flesh colored beaters. No, you cannot buy flesh colored beaters, but because they were not allowed to go with out shirts, they dyed their shirts to make it look like they didn't have any on. They cracked me up all night. All the high schoolers got really in to the theme and dressed up. The girls were so eager to help. I love their willingness to serve their school.
~It's always a blast.

Anyway, we had a good time and raised some decent money. I love my job.

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