I can't think straight.  I currently have so much running through my mind that I can't slow it down to comprehend the thoughts.  Please, dear friends, pray that I will have clarity of mind.  

I also want to take a moment to apologize to my friends.  Dear friends, I have been a terrible friend.  I do not call you, I do not make effort to see you, and when I do see you it is brief and superficial.  Please do not take these acts of disconnectedness personally, because I guarantee that this is the way I have been treating all of my friends lately.  Take Stephanie, my roommate, for instance.  She is my roommate and I have probably seen her a total of 3 hours in two full weeks.  We live together, and I have only seen her for three hours!  So, if you do not live with me, it is certain that I have seen you even less.  For this I am sorry.  Please be patient with me.  I have so much going on that I am even struggling with finding time for myself.  I could not tell you the last time I spent time in the Word.  As I type, I am on the verge of tears because it breaks my heart to know that I have neglected my friends, my Lord, and myself.  Once again, I plead for your patience.  I promise to be a better friend upon graduation.

With all the love I can dig up,
Sarah Jean

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