Nursing Home Blues

I'm watching the gospel music channel.  Is that more or less pathetic than QVC?  Sometimes I just need to zone out.  I was going to get up early this morning and be super productive.  However, my alarm didn't go off and I finally woke up as soon as 11:08 rolled around.  Sweet.  

So I haven't updated on Gloria (grandma) in a while.  As you know I lived with her last summer, and I plan to live with her again upon graduation.  Heres an update:
Grandpa Mac is still alive (LORD JESUS PLEASE TAKE HIM HOME!), and he is still in the nursing home.  Apparently my mom got a phone call from the nursing home staff saying that my grandma Gloria has been creating quite the ruckus when she visits grandpa.  For instance, if she can't easily get to a seat next to him while he's eating, she will shove all of the silverware to the floor and say, "Damn!"  Overall she is not very happy or nice when she is there.  This is seriously the saddest thing I could hear.  Gloria is the most thoughtful, caring, loving, kindhearted woman I know.  I would act the same way if I only got to see my soul mate a couple times a week during lunch and when I saw him he didn't talk or barely recognize me.  It breaks my heart just thinking about it.  Please pray for her.

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