The StairMaster

Bethel is under construction right now. Luckily, it is no longer outside our bedroom window. Now we can enjoy the pleasant sounds of the trees in the wind instead of "BEEP BEEP BEEP" or "Charlie, hand me that hammer...NO THAT ONE!" or "Charlie got fired." We were not lucky enough, however, to avoid the construction completely. One main passage way leading from the AC building to the CC building is completely covered up. So in order to pass, one is required to go to the basement level because that is the only way through.

The class I TA for is in the CC building on the third floor. My prof sent me to Print Services on two separate occasions. The Print Services office is located on the third floor in the AC Building. This meant that I had to go down three flights of stairs then go about five feet and walk up three flights of stairs, hand Timmy (the boy at Print Services) the paper that needed to be copied, wait and chat with him for a bit, then hop down three flights of stairs, walk five feet, then trek up three flights of stairs. I was required to to that one more time during that class period. I won't even go into how many other times I have climbed the AC stairs...my other two classes are on third floor in the AC.

Now I must grade tests. I feel like I have so much power when I can grade tests.


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