...and it continues...

I have officially been to my classes.

The first one is Group Communication. It will be a crazy amount of work and my prof is crazy intimidating. Wish me luck.

The second class is Media Communication. My prof introduced the class by saying, "There is good news and bad news. Bad news: I will be ending class early today. Good news: No final." I have a feeling it will be very hard to force myself to go to class more than once a week. Eh. In this class I answered to the wrong name when he took attendance. He said, "Sarah Weston." And I replied, "It's Sarah Jean." He took note then called the next name, "Sarah Whitson." I replied, "oops that's me. Sarah Jean Whitson. I just thought you pronounced my name wrong." Turns out Sarah Weston sad directly behind me. Why didn't she say anything? Timid, passive people bother me. It's okay, she's a sophomore. She'll figure it out.

Now I'm going to go read my book, because I have no homework. Of course.

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The Colonel said...

oh Sarah Jean, that's hilarious! Sounds like something I'd do.

and it's kinda sad the bethel boys couldn't man up.